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i heard this song at Jack’s coffee yesterday. i’ve heard it a thousand times at least. and it hit me that it is the perfect song. 


Bob Marley and The Wailers - Waiting In Vain

This song has been played 13889 times
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Aug 03
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araabMUZIK is the artist of the weekend

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This woman, who has never held a job for any time, doesn’t get up In the mornings, is routinely three or four hours late to appointments, who walks out of studios because she doesn’t feel like singing that day, and has a knack for both tantrum and wonder, achieves a childlike intensity of emotion in her songs because on some level she isn’t, even at the age of forty-seven, quite an adult. And I am probably not the only one who isn’t in a hurry to see her to grow up.
Bill Buford on Lucinda Williams: (via newyorker)

(Source:, via newyorker)

Aug 02
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arabMUZIK is the artist of the weekend

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I’ve handed down my earlybird traits to my daughter. Its a blessing and a curse

I’ve handed down my earlybird traits to my daughter. Its a blessing and a curse

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Look Out For My Love (Neil Young cover) - Jeff Tweedy

i’m getting back into Tweedy.

happy cover friday

Jul 31
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Blogging is, for me, part of the process of getting to the truth.
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reblog of the week goes to david-noel


Chet Faker | 1998

Keep returning to Chet Faker’s work, especially after seeing them live at Melt Festival. So talented and refreshing. Really impressed how their label Future Classic has been ramping up over the years. I remember discovering them (and speaking to Nathan) early after joining SoundCloud 5+ years ago.

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