Mar 30
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Cataldo’s Gilded Oldies is the artist of the weekend

i think this is my favorite track on the record. it’s the kind of song that grows and grows on you

Mar 29
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In Tom Izzo’s tenure at Michigan State, the achievement has been as inevitable as a sunrise: Every one of his senior classes reaches at least one Final Four.

With Win Over Virginia, Michigan State’s Izzo Is Again One Step Away -

that is one hell of a recruiting pitch. come to Michigan State, stay four years, and you go to a Final Four

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Cataldo’s “Gilded Oldies” is the artist of the weekend

Mar 28
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bundling is very rigid and so there are lots of people who feel obliged to buy much more than they really want

Notes on TV — Benedict Evans

i really hate cynical, manipulative, and anti consumer business models

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All My Loving (Beatles) - Arctic Monkeys live at MSG, Feb 2014

~50 years after the Beatles stormed the US, the boys from Sheffield remember it live at MSG

happy cover friday

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Mar 27
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The machines spit out about 120,000 objects a month, a tidal flow of design that runs from the mundane to the astonishing.

On a recent day, a quick search through the bins revealed a pair of pliable black-frame eyeglasses, a scale model of a biplane, an intricately detailed brass ring, enough plastic train cars to form a miniature railroad and a figurine of two tiny purple women on tiny purple trapezes. 

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The Black Keys // Fever

Reblog of the week goes to Luke for this new Black Keys number

(via luke-h)

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Early morning at Intelligentsia

Early morning at Intelligentsia

Mar 26
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"sports bar shit, sports bar shit, sports bar shit"

i just love this song

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