Sep 13
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We had lunch at one of the bars in the Boqueria Market in Barcelona yesterday. Here are some photos I took on my phone

Sep 12
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you can’t call it a cover when the guy who wrote the song is singing it, but Paul and Tommy have gotten back together under The Replacements banner and are touring this fall. they are playing Forest Hills next week. this version of Alex Chilton, probably my favorite of their songs, is great. 

"i’m in love with that song"

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We went to this Peruvian Japanese restaurant in Barcelona last night called Pakta. It was awesome. Here are some photos I took with my phone

Sep 11
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Dr. Dog | Broken Heart

Love the rhythm. 

Reblog of the week goes to @david

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We ate dinner at this great bistro in a town in Provence called Paradou last night. I took some photos with my phone

Sep 10
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more great stuff from the Paris DJs label on SoundCloud

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Some photos I took on my phone of the weekly market day in Gorges, which is a beautiful town in Provence

Sep 09
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this seven nation army remix is outstanding

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A jail room with a view

A jail room with a view

Sep 08
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one of the best album openings ever


Rolling Stones, Rocks Off

This song has been played 669 times
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